Programmes and Posters    

If you want to share programmes, posters or photos you have taken at Westbrook performances, you are most welcome.
Please find my email address here. Dues will be given unless you desire otherwise. If you send photos be sure the copyright is yours.

Many thanks, Frank.


2016 June 30th
A Bigger Show
Kate & Mike Westbrook,
Pete Whyman
& The Artchipel Orchsetra
Milan, Italy

1 (49kb, PDF)courtesy of Alessandro Achilli
2016 May 31st
A Bigger Show
St Ives Jazz Club

1 (107kb) 
2016 May 27th
Paintbox Jane
Exeter, Barnfield Theatre

1 (61kb) 
2012 Nov. 10th
30th Years of the Westbrook Trio
London Jazz Festival
Kings Place, London

1 (66kb) 
2011 Apr. 2nd
The Serpent Hit
Kings Place, London

1 (62kb) 
2009 Apr. 30th
Allsorts Album Launch
musik forum, Luzern

1 (44kb) 
2006 June 6th-11th
The Village Band Project /
The Trio
Barnstaple, Dawlish, Chulmleigh

1 (300kb)  2 (340kb)  3 (216kb) 
4 (153kb)  5 (104kb)  6 (118kb) 
2005 Nov. 10th
The Cutting Edge
The Warehouse, London

1 (PDF, 116kb) 
2005 April-June
Bristol, Cambridge, Exeter
Art Wolf Band

1 (PDF, 41kb)courtesy of Chris Topley
2005 March 9th
Art Wolf Band

1 (174kb) 
2004 April 23rd
The Duo

1 (80kb)2 (116kb)courtesy of Pete Wells
2003 November 11th-16th
Newcastle, Nottingham, Southend, London, Teignmouth
The Trio’s UK-Tour
"The Lift"
1 (380kb)2 (240kb)3 (24kb)(2+3) courtesy of Pete Wells
2003 August 15th
Altdorf / CH
Alpentöne Festival
"Turner in Uri"
1 (331kb) 2 (60kb) 
2003 May 31st
Gladbeck / Ruhr Triennale
"Hollywood Songs" by F. Holländer
1 (52kb) 
2002 Oct. 20th
1 (81kb) 2 (81kb) courtesy of Pete Wells
2002 Sept. 26th
London, Royal Festival Hall
"Classical Blues"
BBC Concert Orchstra
1 (334kb)  
2002 April 24th
Metz, Les Trinitaires
"The Lift"
The Westbrook Trio

more ...

1 (6kb)  
2001 December 3rd
London, Pizza on the Park
Westbrook & Co.
1 (32kb) courtesy of Janinka&Chris at MindYourOwnMusic
2001 October 12th
"Glad Day"
The Mike Westbrook Band
1 (28kb) courtesy of Janinka&Chris at MindYourOwnMusic
2001 September 24th
"Chanson Irresponsable"
The New Westbrook Orchestra
1 (130kb) courtesy of Janinka&Chris at MindYourOwnMusic
2001 July 1st
"My Ship"
The Westbrook Trio

more ...

1 (223kb) 
2000 July 12th
The Wedmore Opera

more ...

1 (126kb) 
1999 June 7th
London, Queen Elizabeth Hall / Purcell Room
"Glad Day"
Westbrook Big Band
1 (63kb) 
1998 June 12th
Cambridge, Kettles Yard
"Platterback Premiere"
1 (168kb) 
1996 November
UK Tour
"Bar Utopia"
Westbrook Big Band
1 (256kb) 
1996 October 19th
Bonn, Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle
"Friedrich Holländer Anniversary"
Westbrook Duo

more ...

1 (118kb) 
1996 July 1st
London, Vortex
Westbrook Duo
1 (263kb) 
1996 June 29th
Canterbury, Kings’s School
"Stage Set"
Westbrook Trio

more ...

1 (125kb)  2 (38kb) 
1990 February
Sheffield, York, Leicester, Bury St. Edmunds, London
Mike Westbrook Band
"Off Abbey Road"

1 (140kb) 
1989 Feb. 18th
"A Little Westbrook Music"
1 (97kb)  2 (51kb) courtesy of Pete Wells
19.. January 30th
London, Jazz Cafe
Westbrook Trio

1 (132kb) 
1985 Sept. 19th
"The Ass"

details from the text to follow
1 (45kb)  2 (42kb) courtesy of Pete Wells
1982 Feb. 14th - 28th
UK Tour
(London, Norwich, Leeds, Sheffiled, Coventry, Telford, Darlington, Nottingham)

more details from the programme text ...

1 (66kb)  2 (209kb) courtesy of Pete Wells
1974 Sept./Oct.
Autumn Tour
Citadel/Room 315

(The text from page 3 of the programme can more comfortably be read
1 (219kb) 2 (153kb)3 (211kb) 4 (182kb)courtesy of Roger Farbey
1975 June 24th
Citadel/Room 315
at the Round House, London

1 (182kb) 2 (143kb)3 (216kb) 4 (166kb)courtesy of Roger Farbey
1972 May 5th
1 (41kb) courtesy of gwshark
1971or76 May 1st
1 (71kb) 
1971 July 20th

details from the text to follow
1 (43kb) courtesy of Pete Wells
1970 August 16th
Krumlin, Barkisland (nr. Halifax)
"Yorkshire Folk, Blues & JazzFestival"
1 (42kb) courtesy of gwshark
1968 August 10th
"8th National Jazz & Blues Festival"
1 (43kb) 2 (49kb) 3 (66kb) courtesy of gwshark

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